The Idea

Over the years, we have established Adriano Valente as a watchmaking company that persistently explores cutting edge technologies, new materials and designs. We lead in a niche market, which provides beautiful, yet practical timepieces, made from materials of the highest quality. We cater for a sophisticated clientele and Adriano Valente flourishes thanks to our continuous passion for quality and brilliance.

Groundbreaking Technology

Luxury watches

At Adriano Valente SA, we are committed to investing in advanced technologies and in-house design. We value the expertise and the knowhow of our master watchmakers, designers and engineers and provide them with the best conditions and resources for work. Moreover, each and every step of the production process is strictly controlled for ensuring the excellence and, most importantly – the distinctive personality of every timepiece.

Blossoming Creativity

We believe that every timepiece has its own story. For this reason, the imagination of the engineers at Adriano Valente runs free and, paired with the use of exquisite materials, has grown into a bold new philosophy. Implementing innovation is a key practice for every aspect of the watchmaking processes. This way, the timepieces become beautiful works of art, renowned for their mechanical precision.

Swiss watches

Each Adriano Valente timepiece reveals a new and imaginative modern design. The identity of every watch is underpinned by amazing, yet unexpected choices and Swiss accuracy. At Adriano Valente, our purpose is to achieve excellence by combining attractiveness and boldness with an exceptional attention to detail.